Organic 100% Grassfed 85_15 Ground Beef


Embrace the taste of purity and wholesomeness with our Organic 100% Grassfed 85/15 Ground Beef—a superior choice for those seeking the finest quality beef, raised in harmony with nature. Our ground beef is a true embodiment of ethical farming practices and a commitment to providing you with the best.

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Sourced from cattle that are exclusively grass-fed, this ground beef is free from antibiotics, added hormones, and synthetic additives. It’s a healthier option, naturally lean with an 85/15 lean-to-fat ratio, ensuring a balance of flavor and tenderness that culinary enthusiasts appreciate.

Every bite of this ground beef is a revelation of taste, with the rich, hearty flavor of grass-fed beef shining through. The natural diet and open pasture life of these animals contribute to a unique taste profile that’s both robust and satisfying. Whether you’re preparing a savory chili, juicy burgers, or a hearty Bolognese sauce, this ground beef adds a premium touch to your culinary creations.

Choose our Organic 100% Grassfed 85/15 Ground Beef for an elevated dining experience that aligns with your values of sustainability, ethical farming, and a dedication to wholesome, natural ingredients. Savor the taste of responsibly sourced, organic beef and embrace a healthier lifestyle.


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